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- Dr. Jack Brauns

THE MOSAIC OF LIFE is an uplifting and inspiring documentary providing insight to attain the power to overcome adversity and master one’s destiny. Empowering and delightful, this film focuses on the celebration of life and personal tools that bring sustenance and joy.

THE MOSAIC OF LIFE tells the vivid, unexpected and unpredictable ways that Dr. Brauns chose to color his internal and exterior worlds. He turned what could have been a bleak, fearful and black perspective into a beautiful existence, colored brilliantly with every enlightening hue that life’s spectrum provides. Surviving Dachau by the power of his cherished childhood memories, Dr. Brauns started his new life by filming a rich treasure trove of stylish, personal Super 8 footage from 1956 charting the story of life in America in the second half of the 20th Century. You do not need to be Jewish nor have been connected to WWII to relate to his mesmerizing, timeless and invaluable material.

Unlike any other Holocaust film, this is an uplifting film encouraging light, redemption and restoration. This unique historical project is intended for international release to spread messages of hope across the planet. 

THE MOSAIC OF LIFE speaks to a wide audience. The film will be for use in educational institutions, instructional websites, rehabilitation programs and self-help groups by scholars, history experts, peace teachers, new age readers and everyone who seeks inspiration.

THE MOSAIC OF LIFE refers to the bright colors Dr. Brauns chooses to illustrate his life with, versus the black lenses many trauma survivors choose. Whether surviving the Holocaust, a crime, a war or an abusive relationship, Dr. Brauns’ life and personal survival tools portray how we can choose to color our lives and our perspective more beautifully with an existential palette. Everyone, young and old, regardless of circumstance can overcome adversity and master their destiny with Dr. Brauns’ philosophy.

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