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TASIS - The American School in Switzerland

We wish to express our interest in using the Mosaic of Life Documentary series as a part of our program to help our students to learn valuable tools for success.

Dr. Brauns' story is powerful and we are fortunate to host him, along with his wife and daughter at our school in 2013. During his visit he shared his stories with our students in class meetings and an assembly. We are pleased that now we can share his story through the Mosaic of Life.

TASIS also has schools in England and Puerto Rico, and would also be interested in having our partner school use the series as well. 


William Eichner,

Director of Institutional Advancement.

The Village School

A Nord Anglia Education School

Alicia Brauns is creating The Mosaic of Life, a series of short films chronicling her father’s life during and after The Holocaust. The Village Middle School is very interested in adding Ms. Brauns’ series to our Holocaust curriculum for our 8th graders. 

Our school recognizes that many survivors are no longer able to speak to students on this important subject.  Mrs. Brauns’ series, which honors her father’s life, will assist our faculty in teaching the lessons of The Holocaust. Village Middle School history and language arts teachers look forward to sharing her work with our students when her project is complete and available. 


Cindy Proske 

Middle School Director 

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