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Historical Consultant, Lady Esther Gilbert grew up in a family scarred by the Holocaust, Esther has been interested in the Holocaust since an early age. Attending with her mother the World Gathering of Holocaust Survivors in Washington, D. C. in 1983, she became involved with organizing Holocaust commemorative programming for the Jewish Federation of Edmonton, in Canada.


In 2000 she began a bibliography of published survivor memoirs which developed into the Holocaust Memoir Digest, three volumes of which have been published. In addition, she has spoken to high school and university students on the Holocaust, its history and development.

In 2005 she married Sir Martin Gilbert. Jack Brauns was asked to be one of the witnesses at their wedding. Esther helped Sir Martin with all aspects of his work and travels. Together they visited thirteen countries that had been occupied or controlled by Nazi Germany, learning and recording the stories of mass murder and survival in each place. Since Sir Martin's death in 2015 she has continued to build his legacy.

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